Sunday, 30 May 2010

100 days in Nigeria with iBlend moments (Random Rambling Series)

So as usual i feel the need to write, with no idea in mind but hoping that randomness may come to my aid. If you are reading this correct my grammar, then quit now or enjoy my randomness.

After studying sociology in my undergrad, being a tv presenter and news reporter/presenter and model, it was only expected that I would get bored and move on to the next one. The next one being an Msc in computer forensics (Information security and Computer Crime). After which I worked in a "SKY" call center which I classify as slave driving for 3 months (for goodness sakes how did i spend 3 months of my life pacifying adults acting like infants/angry customers?)... SORRY I'M LOSING FOCUS HERE BLABBING ABOUT ME... BUT ITS MY NOTE.

I hate cold weather, I hate heat too... but after my last job, all I had in mind was to go back to Nigeria and search for greener pastures and thicker pounded yam cos truly, there is no place like home! but what i dint expect was to go back to Nigeria and 2minutes into my stay, the airport announcer goes "Annonucement, we are now switching from generator to normal power supply"..."now" became 10minutes without electricity and a beautiful welcome party arranged for us by Abuja Mosquitoes, at this point i knew that I was home. After being ripped off N1500 just to buy an MTN SIM pack, thankfully my-not-so-twin Eddie Madaki came to get me from the airport to sort me out while in my head i was writing my TO EAT list
1. Pounded yam @ Jevniks
2. Pounded yam @ Cattigan
3. Yahuza chicken suya
4. shawarma @ Exclusive, 212 and Shawarma King
5. a whole lot of other stuff.

Yes i checked all i had wanted on my to do list, settled in and the courtesy calls began. I started callin people to let them know I was in town cos i literally entered Nigeria like a thief in the morning without informin a whole lot of people, many of whom I dint see in the 3 months either because they were pretending to be busy or maybe they really were busy and those who just dint bother to see me. Whatever.1st point of call was actually Chocolate City to hola @ Audu, Terver, Doosur, Lindsey and Mickey. Then the parties began...and continued and continued

I went to Benue to visit family and ...simply put, I almost died of heat, I almost drowned in a 12ft pool cos i had not Swam in a while and i had my Benue Pounded yam craving sorted. met old mates, got tired of the town, avoided being in gossip then I returned to Abuja to a group of people called BLENDERS

Is it a club? is it a group? is it like a secret thingy? is it a social network? or a group of happy drinkers?
have you ever been to a club in Abuja? you may not have to pay for a ticket to get in but by the time you are done tipping the club security, you will regret leaving home (PLAY and AQUA mgmt i'm talking about you guys)

Rather than going out and spending a whole lot of cash with and on strangers while they all squeeze their nose in fakeness (typical abuja crowd), why don't you get a group of like minded young upwardly mobile professionals together, have a small exclusive party where everyone comes bearing gifts (being alcohol and suya) and get to network with people who can add value to your life? and that is just a part of Blender... the other part is where we have some crazy custom cocktails called "DECEPTION and SAFE SEX" ... Ask Oche Ejiga and Q about that. and so it was 3 months of fun and networking. DISCLAIMER: All these happy drinkers are very successful in different fields of life... and just come back home (to blender to unwind) ...iBlend, Blender, Blendarena, et al.

Nigeria Lost her President, Dora retained her position, Lucky Jo got what he wished for (i'm not impressed with the 2011 plan tho), our football team is still doing poorly, I met a lot of nice people, We started our Company Decy-4 Technologies, I startd managing Artiste "2shotz, I came back to the UK th handle other ish,

I'm stopping this note cos it just got boring and I wonder why you are still reading

Its Random Rambling Series

Too be continued after some vodka...


  1. I'm still reading cos i'm interested
    Okay this is the first time i'm hearing of iBlend, definitely sounds better than the regular abj crowd
    I miss Yahuza suya... a lot!
    Lol your experience at the airport... Nigeria, some things just dont change

    Interesting read