Sunday, 30 May 2010

Random Rambling Series - Drowning and Smiling but still Drowning

I dint get inspired to write this in the shower as usual. I got inspiration to write after my first night When I woke up in a pool of my sweat. Reason - power failure and heat (NEPA, I choose not to embrace PHCN). Call it forming or whatever, its your business, but waking up in a 44degree weather after spending the last night in -2degrees is somethin to complain about. So yes I'm whining.

DROWNING - I used my head and decided to go swim in a pool where there were more watchers than swimmers. If you know me, you should either love or hate my confidence... With the confidence of a lizard, I JUMPED, not dived...into a pool which was meant to be 9feet deep (i can swear it was 12feet deep). The problem was when I landed in the water and my feet refused to touch the ground and my hands refused to surface @ the top. ... That takes us to my lizard confidence. Apparently everyone tot I was showing off new swimming skills especially the 4foot tall lifeguard who I'm sure I'd have drowned if he came close to me. Lesson #1 : after not swimming for 2 years... go figure

I got to Benue state to see my family members, and I reached the Madaki house surprisingly I saw my maternal grandmother who referred to me as "Andy's friend" and the usual moaning about Ohhh you are so fat, see your cheeks, Ohhh are you lifting weights (that @ least was a compliment) my parents also said I have added weight (lesson 1B: as a guy, don't bother hitting thru gym, people will still call you fat)... BACK TO BUSINESS: the next question always was : how are you coping with the heat? My answer: I'm still not coping.

NIGERIA DROWNING: we are the strongest and happiest people in the world regardless of the polls and media. I watch as we offhandly go off to switch on the "generator set" while we have major rivers Benue and NIger. I watch as we drive Jeeps rather than fix our roads. I remember a supposed ex minister suggesting we buy bicycles when there is fuel crisis, in a country which is the eight largest oil producing nation in the world and yet we smile, drink and ... Do other things.

Look at Niger where the a president suggests tenure elongation and is removed through an organised coup by some youth barely my age mate but here in Nigeria a family called Mr Turai or Mrs? Will hold the country to ransom for 90days and our legislators ( except the sensible few) will push and pull 150million people like we are foolish until they illegally make the vice president an acting president... Then Husband to madam Turai is sneaked into town in the night like a james bond movie... (that part is to be continued)

We drown and still smile, only happy people can do that. But truth is that "the boys are not smiling" and some smart person asks, "what does that mean?" and I say "people are frowning -stupid. from my bsc in sociology one quote I learnt from school was "the poor will continue to be oppressed until the realize their plight and revolt" - karl max, he said that and its working and that is why the niger-delta militants can revolt and govt will beg them. That's why young urns can kidnap people @ will. So yeah we are drowning, but it doesn't make us stupid.

We still smile, we still party, we still do all we wanna do, we are now used to suffering, drowning, smiling but drowning... I'm rambling as usual, but someone amongst you understand something I am sayin and we are saying the chain is now a rope which has thinned to a thread, before is breaks, please give us back our happiness cos the rambling has just begun...

Andy Madaki


  1. Nigeria my country
    The only place where Generators and Jeeps are not Luxuries, but necessities
    Ramble on, its not in vain


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