Sunday, 30 May 2010


T - Take my hands
R - Run with me
U - Understand me
S - stand by me
T - Tell me the truth.

Its funny how the weirdest things happen in the bathroom, gravity theory was discovered there, kinky things can be done there but most of all, you get the weirdest thoughts, that is if you are Andy. I just love playing with words and I thought of TRUST this morning and why its hard for me to give that out. Perhaps this is because it means a lot to some of us. I take risks [a lot] but when it comes to trust, its like a guilt free pass saying this is yours, use it sensibly. The reason why a child can let a father or an elder one teach him or her how to ride a bicycle, its because they expect all the things which I said above about the letters in trust. When the child falls, he may get scared that it would happen again.

Now I'm getting bored of my own writing, back to my random thoughts. Certain things in life are not like light switches which you switch on and off as you please, for example Love and Trust. when it's lost, it takes a while to regain it and when it's found you may get so foolish and you won't notice it has deserted you. I'm not exactly a trusting person and this is because it means all these to me. I'm not a hypocrite either so I find it amusing when people try and say it means you are jealous or insecure or possessive that's why you can't trust, or when some people bring religion into it and say, the Bible says this about trust. In some cases, a trust is like giving a cake to a fat kid cos' you want to see what he/ she will do with it.Life is a game, life is a battlefield and life is a test... can you

T - Take my hands
R - Run with me
U - Understand me
S - Stand by me
T - Tell me the truth...

If you can do that, then I can trust you. If you can't then I wont bother...this is life this is who I am.
Trust can always be regained and at the point when it is lost, the onus is on you to win it back..this time by being sincere to yourself and whoever trusts you.

have a nice day, its a ramblings, it may make sense, it may not...I'm crazy but its all in the head.


  1. Ur definitely not crazy. Thats the best definition of trust i have read. I have issues with trust, no person should have all that power over me, better safe than sorry.
    And you are right, the bathroom is haven for interesting thought processing. It must be the sound of running water :)
    Nice read!