Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Life - Love - Leaving - Living...stupid sensible sequence #RandomRamblingSeries

I love rambling cos it makes me seem smart and geeky (insert smiley face) ... If only these people know that i've never come first position in school; well except at M.Sc level where I just liked the sound of my Masters award: Computer Forensic...sounds very gen geun, but its my LIFE and my blog so please stop reading. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM GOING TO WRITE BUT PICK A LINE and define it to suit you, cos I call it:

There's no definition or explanation, no smart words or philosophies. Life is Life and weather you like it or not, most of you were born as a result of unprotected sex, valentine sex, mistaken sex, supposed love, constant tries, the need for a male or female child, societal pressure and most times a "mistake". Don't even try to make sense of that cos I really just wrote crap and we still wanna rationalise or disagree and that's why it is called life. We are alive and we will die someday so big deal: live with it and make the most of it. Don't try to be to smart about things, learn to see them for what they are. No one really cares about how smart or dull you are, they need your acceptance as much as you need theirs...I call it Life!

Who are you? I ask myself that question all the time and truth is, we define ourselves based on other people's definition of us and in most case it may make or break you cos 99% of the time we are busy worry about what a certain person or people will think about what we are doing, who we are and why we do what we do. Seriously we don't know who we are cos life is a discovery and we learn everyday. Sadly, we will always care about how we are viewed by the next person, the society or a certain person... The fact that you give a flipping hoot about a particular person's opinion more than every other person around you makes you wonder sometimes if this is LOVE...

Love is not overrated or underrated, Love is the most lied about word in the world. Why? I don't know...but someone already agrees with me. People Lie that they are in love, People lie that they are not in Love, some lie that it does not exist, some say love is equal to stupidity, some say I love you but they really don't. I just realised that the reason why the word love is the most lied about word in the world is because I had a moment when I heard Eminem and Rihana in the song, "Love the way you lie"... frankly, that on its own was a lie but some of us in our heads felt we could relate with the song cos of its deep lyrics...what they meant is... "I hate the way you lie" (ok I'm digressing). As senseless as it sounds, Love is lied about cos we know the truth and it is just one of the factors that define us in "Life".

I believe in love, I also believe I dont know how to define it cos it doesnt have a definition. It is what it is and its a feeling you get. Its realer when you cant explain it cos true love is not explained, it is something you live and in most cases you outlive it before you know you lived it...this is the point where I tell you about my recent experience where I fell in love and bla bla bla and this is where you are wrong (amebo people). I'm crazy cos I feel you don't have to say it or know it, Love is Love and it exists based on your the annoying part is that with love, comes a lot of opposites: hate, Indifference, tolerance and at some point ..."LEAVING".

Life is like a motor car, it comes and goes, it arrives then it leaves. REPHRASE: Love is like a car, it comes then leaves (at some point). But really does it? does everything come and go? Do you really need to understand what I just wrote? Life and love gets annoying when you have to leave. it may be leaving love, leaving life or just leaving one place to another, then another. I've had to travel a lot in the past 3 years and I realised how much you miss people and places when you realise that you have to leave. oh well, that is Life... sorry, that is Love! whatever!!!

I really don't know what I have to write about leaving cos its a sad topic. I always have to leave, I push away people who hurt me, I push away those who love me, maybe its cos I'm scared of what it would be like when the leave me! But truth is, everything is for a reason and everything lasts for a season (e.g friendship). funny how you are all cozy with someone but you look back now and notice that someone had to "leave"? Its interesting that we keep "Living"...

I believe in the future, I believe things will get better, believe in a lot of things but most of all I believe in Living. living an exemplary life, Living in a way that I won't be in the other man's way. I believe that the only reason I can believe in anything is because, through it all, with all you've been through or you are going through...At least you are still living. you have the opportunity to correct your errors of yesterday by not reliving them... the truth is


I started writing this without thinking, I just felt I could use 4 letters and make sense out of them... After-all I'm among the living and I am thankful. I call it RANDOM RAMBLING SERIES

Good luck to Uti (BBA5) ...

October 2010
... iBlend! Do you???


  1. I loved this! Yes I disagreed with you on some areas but I totally loved the analogy you did with love and a car, not seen it that way before though. Looking forward to when all the writers I know (including you) are a lot older, when you put this rambling series into a book or journal......

  2. Nice..I love the way you write..

  3. Its amazing how your mind works.