Monday, 7 February 2011

"NO" .... Random Rambling Series

So how many asses have you kissed today? I don't mean literally but even if I do... neither is okay because basically, it stinks! I still wonder why I feel obliged to write, especially when I have nothing to write about or no idea what I'm doing but hey it's better than sitting down and looking for the next person to call "Hater" so I may as well be the hater this time. As usual none of this may make sense to you but since you've started reading, you might as well continue.I once had a post here on this blog titled "who cares", it just occurred to me that this may be a continuation of that post.

So how many things have you gone out of your way to do for people today? how many unnecessary favours do you owe people simply because you've accepted to do stuff for someone or people you really don't want to assist or stuff you haven't even got the time to do? think about it for a second and say this with me: "NO". I'm not exactly rude if I am being honest am I? If we cant do something or we don't want to then we should learn to say it straight up rather than dishing out more than we can finish (especially if we are not greedy politicians) because at the end of the day, some rubbish decisions and commitments we make ends up affecting us and everyone around us. I agree to do stuff for Funke so she doesn't feel bad or so that she finally "approves" of me, while I spend the rest of the day complaining to Enenu and Chidera who will now see me as someone who complains too much and then they tell the next person about my issues till it gets back to Funke. Its the frigging domino effect. Life is as round as a pizza, there are those bumpy edges but stuff goes round that pizza.

I think we are running out of role models in this generation because the moment we find someone to love and respect, that's when they either get cancer or some terminal disease and pass on or the media pulls up dirt on them to make us hate them. For instance we all loved Barney Stinson (from how I met your mother) until the media/internet had to inform us that the enforcer of the bro-code is "GAY" = Killed in my head! This is why we have resorted to making cartoon characters our new life coaches, inspiration and in some cases role models. Truth is that this cruel life hasn't got nothing on Stewie and Peter Griffin or in my case Huey and Riley Boondocks! lets pretend they are not characters created by human beings and they are two 10 and 8 year old cartoon characters, they inspired my love for the word "NO" from their tweets and some episodes of the series.

Its better to be called uncouth and have peace of mind than to be the sweetest person while we are sulking inside. I'm not the most truthful person on earth but I've learnt to differentiate being selfless from being stupid and I'm still learning. We are all eager to please the next person, we all want to be loved and accepted even when the joke is on us while we die inside? a lot of pain and trouble can be avoided by using one word: NO. If it aint yes then its no, it just depends on the fine words you use to express it but at the end of the day the point is still made. They say the world would end in 2012 and I hope this is a lie but while we are alive we can save ourselves 5 minutes of rubbish words by saying NO.

I hope I've been able to influence 5 people with this post by encouraging them to be rude (insert smiley face)which is not what I really mean. My views are very random and I may never read this post again as I'm officially bored with all I've written but I have one more thing to say:

"There's two sides to everything, as much as I would encourage you to say no rather than act the fool, you should remember that the opposite of NO is YES and no one really wants to hear No (unless its the reply to the question: are you cheating on me?)".

Randomly yours...

Febuary 7th 2011