Sunday, 1 May 2011

You're getting older, so what?

I'm doing the dishes, I can't remember using them but since I have to take out the bin, I may as well clean the mess. Playlist on shuffle, an RnB song finds its way to my party mix and I pick up my phone to see what song so I can change it then I listen to the words and it is "What you think - Jennifer Hudson". A green icon on the home page on my phone means someone just called my name (on twitter) and it is @ifreke who writes for "YNaija". This is where my random rambling mind wanders...

For some reason I remember the founders/creators of "The Future Awards" and I remember reading somewhere that they started when they were under 25years old and today it has become one of the most prestigious awards in Nigeria (in my opinion). The sub-conscious pressure kicks in and I ask myself: what have you done? Skip that, this is not about me. Its about the unnecessary pressures we put ourselves under these days. The bitter truth is that, no matter how successful you are today, some of your mates will always do better than you while you do better some one point in time. How easily do we let ourselves get swallowed by pressure or maybe guilt? So he/she copied your work in school and now they are making millions while you are here, Big deal! you really don't know how they got there and how long they will be there. See it as motivation to do what you can do to be better, not necessarily better but do something which will make you happy.

Fred was the youngest in amongst his contemporary since he was a child, he was also the smartest, most successful and seemingly happy. Whatever he put his hands on always turned into something successful. At 21 he had a master's degree, he had his own company and he was someone everyone wanted to hang around. Jason was supposedly the best friend, he wasn't envious, but he was 2years older and still trying to complete his national youth service corp scheme. Jason went as far as making a blood oath with a voodoo priest which would make him more successful than Fred. What Jason did not know was that Fred had HIV from a razor cut and Fred had only 2years to live. Are you Jason? or Fred (without the HIV)?

Paula and Jemma are best friends and they call themselves Best Friends For Life. Paula had it all, a good job, nice boyfriend; the type every girl wants to have and everything is so good for her. The annoying part according to Jemma is the fact that Paula is not even pretty and she is fatter than Jemma but Paula gets all the attention. Behind closed doors, what no one knows about is that Philip (Paula's boyfriend) has a horrible temper and when he is angry, he physically abuses Paula. That time she claimed she fell down and dislocated her arm, It was Philip's handwork.... Jemma was desperate, she met an old Millionaire and got married to him. 2 weeks after the wedding, she realised that she was just his 3rd wife and the man was impotent.

So are you about to get married just because you are thirty and single and you feel this is your last chance? Are you with a partner who constantly cheats on you and make you feel like crap? Are you a guy willing to get shagged by a fellow man just because he has promised you 3million Naira? Are you going to shag that politician just because you need a car and all your mates have got cars? you're getting older, so what?

What's that smell? Shit! I forgot i was warming the stew and I also left the tap running just because I let my randomness get the best of me. Maybe I've been thinking I'm getting older and I'm not where I want to be... well, in trying to clean up the mess in that kitchen I've made a bigger mess just like some of us do in life. as for you, you're getting older, so what? stop thinking, start acting and act right.

Randomly yours,


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  1. Well said Andy... This article makes so much sense and we can all relate to this at some point or another...