Monday, 29 August 2011

My Tool – “An Excuse”

Robbing Damien to pay Damon….
He cried and cried and cried for it and the parents gave it to him, he asked for more and then they ignored him so he stole it. He got tired of stealing petty things and then he made it a career. That was Damien. Damon watched quietly and learned, he planned and schemed, he observed his parents and how they handled Damien. Damon had this knowing smile, reminiscent of the prodigal son. He knew his time would come, he expected his parents to have learnt by now. He wasn’t surprised, he wasn’t even upset. He had a weapon, one he called “An Excuse”… Those kids don’t exist, but the leaders in my country do and they have given people Damon’s tool, an excuse. I know everyone has a lot to say about the current state of the nation and so this may seem like just another one of them, but let’s hope I actually get to update it.

Take some steps back, we had the Niger-Delta scenario, lets have a proper background on all this rubbish. Those guys were deprived of so many basic amenities and I feel sorry for them but in the same light, every state has people who are deprived of basic amenities so hey do we become jungle jurors and take laws into our hands? Ken Saro-Wiwa fought an intellectual battle so to say for the Ogoni people and at the end of the day he was jailed and later killed. So maybe, just maybe the people had the right to be upset. I don’t know or care about what and how monies are appropriated to Niger-delta states on a monthly basis but I am aware that the money appropriated to three local governments in Bayelsa or Delta is more than what the whole of Benue State gets. Have the people of Benue State taken it upon themselves to get guns and fight because they are the food basket of the nation and they feel aggrieved? Maybe not just yet… maybe because the trend is gradually being set, when the Niger Delta issue got escalated, what did our government do? They arranged a “Tea-party” or their usual committees for fact finding mission, set up a Niger-Delta ministry and arranged for reformation of the militants, that one is another almost boring story but has it stopped anything?

Five steps forward, the year of the “loonies”, Boko Haram. Why wont a group of illiterates cook up a storm? The thugs blended with the intellectuals to have MEND, the government dint stop it, they had talks with them and set up a ministry and put these criminals on a payroll. DISCLAIMER: I’m not pointing fingers at anyone directly based on their region or ethnicity but rather their motives and work ethics. Sadly we live in a country where you get robbed, the cops come over and tell you to thank God you weren’t shot or it would have been something else. A nation where graduates can’t get jobs so they turn to armed robbery or prostitution because they have a tool, “An excuse”.

They say we had one of the most free and fair elections in the history of Nigeria in 2011, members of the National Youth Service lost their lives because they were being forced to be patriots and help with the elections. They and other innocent Nigerians were killed before and after the elections but they chose to sweep it under the carpet, till date no one has found out who the masterminds of those attacks are or even if they did, what has been done? Or the fact that some sick people were able to plant bombs in the police headquarters or Abacha Barracks and all we did was mourn for more innocent lives lost? We have the SSS, DMI and the NSA and they mean to say they were not aware of this? Or till date they have no idea how all of these things happen? I don’t need to work with the military intelligence to know about the use of information and its gathering process. The masquerades who pretend to have religious reasons for their obvious idiocy and criminality have a blog site where they celebrate their lunacy, so we don’t have information security experts who can track down these bloggers or monitor their chatter? Before you murmur and say it is easier said than done, please tell me, what has been done about all of these? I have some “very patriotic” friends (and I say this with enough sarcasm for 10,000 grown men) who say we should cut the government some slack because it is still a new government. Well we know the drill, the government will set up another 11-man committee, get them accommodation somewhere and hold talks with some other people who will be paid for lip service and 3 months later they will come back with a 500 paged fact finding report bound beautifully in green white green leather. Who knows they may even set up a Boko Haram Ministry.

What is happening now is the case of Damien versus Damon with bad or complacent parenting skills and decisions, whether we like it or not, it is spiraling downwards if we choose to sit and babysit our leaders, I keep saying it is until you lose people close to you that you find out how serious the current lunacy has become. It is not religious or tribal, something is wrong somewhere and it should be fixed someone should please tell our dad (Mr president and all those involved) that it is time to show what type of parent he is. P.s all those people with conspiracy theories, keep distracting yourselves. Talk is cheap but at least it is still free, I’ve said my piece.

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Randomly yours,
That Andy