Friday, 25 November 2011

Sweet November...or just another?

8 years ago he was in a sociology class when the lecturer walked in with a rotten mango and a straight face. The lecturer asked the whole class: What is this in my hand? They all tried to describe and explain in the most complex, intelligent and stupid words how what he had brought into the class was a 1) Rotten Mango? 2) yellow mango? 3) Julie Mango? etc. In the student's head, all he was wondering was if the lecturer picked the mango from the floor and hoping the man gets to wash his hands at some point. Funny thing is that he never really answered the question (maybe I got bored or distracted) but...I'll get back to that. I started writing this post exactly 25 days ago and dumped it, it was Andy's birthday and he wanted something to remember and hold on to but it never happened, I find myself back here today and I don't see myself finishing again.

All the resolutions made in January, one month to go, I can't even remember what resolutions I made and plans for the year 2011 and the year is almost over already. It made me realise that all I could remember were the bad things that happened in 2011, the tears we cried and the people we loved and lost. I also remember the good things that happened and I asked myself how much appreciation i have shown for the good things in comparison to the bad things I have held on to; The friends I made and those i lost, the good friends who I hardly even say hi to these days. Truth is we get to that stage where we choose what to hold on to regardless of what we say or want to make people believe. Same things we hold on to determines our outlook and some decisions we make....

The movie Sweet November is my all time favourite because in a strange way it defines life in its entirety. The great friendships, the wealth and times, thing we hate then get to love, things we get to love and gradually lose or get to hate. I have used this movie as a guideline which helped me not to over-expect anything from anyone and that way I wont have to blame anyone for anything. This silly guideline eliminates the chance off hating people or holding on to stuff which really shouldn't mean a thing. A "gorgeous" friend once said "It is all in your head". Enough of the rambling but that is really what this is about. Bottom line is that I have learnt that things will not always go my way or your way but it is all about what you choose to hold hold on to. For me, I have chosen to make the most of everything, appreciate good things, pray about the things I can't control and let go of things by seeing them as another month which has come and gone. What do you believe in? what rules rule you? What explanations do you have for your actions? Just before you call the next person names or judge them at least they believe in something.

Life is like any other month, it is either a sweet one or just another, it is just a system to record history but it doesn't mean we shouldn't make the most of everyday...

Scroll back up to the original story of that lecture he had 8 years ago, the lecturer went on to state that It is a mango because the society has defined it as that. However if mangos were referred to as apples in another part of the world and you called it a mango there, you would be the odd one out. There are 2 ways to view life: 1) Through the eyes of the society or 2) In your own way. All the great inventions were discovered by people who chose to break the norm...Pardon my rambling but I really have no idea of what I planned to write about or I have actually forgotten.

Randomly yours,
november 2011


  1. ...I've learnt a lot today, as always. It is simple but drives the point home. Looking forward to the next.

  2. I've said all there is,now I'll just keep reading and waiting for the book