Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#MyMaiGuard Diaries - The Ant theory

Question: If you had the choice to be an Elephant or an Ant, which would you choose?

Answer: Somewhere at the end of this post I hope.

(Non) Disclaimer
My thoughts are random; things that cross my mind at work, before/after a night shift and the need to distract myself from the realities of life. The words are mere ramblings aimed at boring you. I try not to edit my blabbing because it ruins the originality and I really don't care ...*Big Smile* #MyMaiguardDiaries (Mai-guard = security man. I chose that term because of my weird work patterns).

Those Stupid Ants
A hundred push ups and one hundred sit ups, sigh! No magical change (apparently this pot belly is here to stay), laughs as he falls to the floor and asks himself: Do ants really care about their bodies like this? Why can't we all be fit and have the same structure like ants? He sucks in his one pack gut and wonders if this beer pocket of a tummy will ever get right. He also knows he will go out tonight, get totally twatted over some pints of booze and come back to complain about how and why his tummy has failed to get flat, (call it frustration or excessive worrying), and then his mind wanders off as he lazily lies on the floor and drifts off into this random rambling world.

Funny how the inconsequential bits in life become the golden nuggets, or the fact that the things we frown at are those things which preserve us. Back to those annoying little ants, they seem to have it all don't they? Everything seems so easy for them and even the Bible uses them as examples (work like an elephant and eat like an ant; note that in this context, I'm concerned with size) and it makes you wonder why they get noticed. It's equally funny that though elephants depict greatness and royalty most proverbs or idioms rarely flatter the elephant.

We worry about a whole lot and we should. Goals we've set and expectations from people around us. Things we have to do to please others; brings me back to the ants who gather food, eat and die at some point which in my own shallow way, sums up human existence. We are very similar to ants but we would rather be elephants; larger than life and pretentiously all knowing beings.

Maybe patience and expectation is what this whole jargon is about. Patience like a lot of the words we use was created to confuse us, but they say patience is a virtue. Be patient and good things will come to you, good things come to those who wait but in the same breath, the violent ones take it by force... who becomes the foolish one in this? I grew up in a country where patience was mistaken for stupidity and used to remind us of how gullible we are and it never seem to end. I've also seen kingdoms collapse for lack of patience. In all of these I ask myself if ants get to worry about things the way I do. So while thinking about the Ant theory, I asked myself a simple question, which takes us back to the top. Would you be an elephant or an ant? Most people will relate the ant and the elephant with their physical sizes and not abilities; I think it boils down to priorities and getting them right.

The Ant Theory is simple: know when to keep your head down, it may give you time to think, re-group and take down your opposition (it is called military precision). An elephant will never be able to hide and think like an ant would.

2 targets, 2 animals, a sniper with a gun, if you were the sniper and you had to shoot one, would you shoot the ant or the elephant? We all want to lead and we don't want to follow, we all want to teach but we don't want to be taught. Truth is: it is easy to kill one ant but harder to wipe them out totally. Forget the elephant comparison which really doesn't mean a thing to me. Learn to be simple.

To answer the question above: I really have no answer to that question...and this post may just get binned like the last three. I wonder how you managed to get this far but maybe you can pick a line or two and apply it to something... who knows???

I'm not crazy yet, I promise. Just random thoughts from #MyMaiGuardDiaries.

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