Tuesday, 21 February 2012

#MyMaiGuardDiaries: The Rusty Coin

He was cleaning out his wallet, apparently it had become too heavy because of the loads of papers and complimentary cards that we receive from people who never pick up when we call or never help us. He throws five of the cards away and smiles because the wallet still didn't feel lighter and sadly it wasn't because he had a lot of cash or condoms in it. It was because of those dirty rusty coins. This post is not about Whitney Houston (bless her soul) or about the man who shared money to his children in the Bible. This is just another random moment in the life of a rambler and some useless coins. With recent developments in the financial sector versus the real world, I've come to the conclusion that: as much as they want a cashless world where it is all done via cards or online (which is never going to happen, amen), you find out that you still get to receive those little coins except in my beloved country Nigeria where it has to be a round figure which makes the coins almost non-existent.

Right, back to my coin story. He discovered twelve one penny coins in his wallet which had a compartment(?) for coins but not if you wear jeans and put your wallet in your back pocket. It is almost safe to say that 10p means nothing sometimes if you see it as one penny coins. Let's go back to 2008 when I was in some university and had this flatmate, this Chinese take out in front of my house and this big bag of coins which had 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins in it. At that point, being in a foreign land and as an Osofia who dint really appreciate the little things, we were lazy to cook and it was too cold to go to the cash point to get money and order Chinese. So we now went back to that bag and took 15 minutes to count £6.90 from pennies. In summary, the Chinese guy at the take out didn't slap me, I got our dinner and I didn't feel like I had spent money because those rusty coins were finally put to use.

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking which is usual when you've paid a lot of bills and pay day seems ages away. In this time I've learnt to appreciate the little things and little people. I realised that I love my family a lot but how often do I pick up my phone to call them? I also realised that I did not care a lot about keeping in touch with the people I love just because somewhere in my head I feel they will always be there. Sounds like my experience with the bag of coins. I hate when my rambling thoughts become sermons but these moments are the ones that define us. Those rusty coins can be very valuable. Coins from previous centuries can get you a lot of money these days. What I'm trying to say here is; appreciate people, you don't have to like them but if you know they will and have been there for you, don't chuck them under the bed or somewhere in your mind (This is where I pour cold vodka on my face to shake off the mushiness).

About the wallet, he took out the £1 and £2pound coins, then threw the pennies in the bin... The mind and that thing called conscience gets annoying sometimes because he realised that the same way he threw those coins away is the same way we ignore the little things and people. I still don't like those coins but what I do, I put them in small boxes for charity or Cancer awareness in the shops when I get the pennies as change. We complain about our governments being wasteful but are we different? We complain about people treating us wrong because we care about them but we are no different. Oh well I think I'm bored now but but before I bore you too, I hope you've picked something from my rambling. Most times you don't know what you have until its gone, as people are only remembered in death. That shouldn't always be the case. Love as much as you can and give as much as you can, that 1p might mean nothing in the world to you but it means everything in the world to someone else.
"If you want to see the rainbow, you most definitely have to put up with the rain".

Catch y'all soon,

Randomly Yours,
February 2012

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