Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Wall by Lindsey

By @MissLind_sea

In the silence of the light
I walk as though I crave the dark
In the chaos of silence
I crave the subtlety of confusion
Not 'cause I seek it
But because I live in fear
And would rather have you take me as insane than one to take the blame for my deeds
I lay behind the wall
I'm invincible
Or so I think
But it protects me
I'm a super hero
I'm a genius
Oh the power that it gives me
When all is said and done
I dread the minute it'd crumble down
And you'd see my bare spirit...

And now that my spirit is borne
I see another you
You lay behind the wall
You are invincible
Or so you think
It protects you
But sadly you're not so much of a genius
'Cause you don't see that little crack
I know what those lines say
You'd soon have your spirit borne...
And then in the next second,it's down in ruins...
And I see your bare spirit...
So what do we do now?
Do we build another?
Or do we live bare?

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  1. Good writing ALWAYS speaks for itself! This is really good Lindsey, and thanks Andy for sharing