Monday, 16 April 2012

As random as it gets by @Mishdoo

"He's so sweet. And caring. And everything I ever wanted. She doesn't even care about him! She doesn't deserve him, I do!"

"His parents are so rich! But look at him.. no swag, no dress sense, no game! *hiss* 'moni-mis-road'! If only I were in his shoes... what if he dies though? I'm his best friend, I'll just obtain his kicks..."

"If only I were an only child. I wish my sibling will just... just... not exist anymore"

"I wonder why she's earning more than I am! She used to be a dullard in school... She used to copy all my assignments for pits sake!"

"Imagine Feyi of yesterday... Smh! So she has bought an iPad? I remember how long it took her to get her first curve"


Do you ever get those evil thoughts? Those thoughts you would rather die than let out... the ones that make you feel like Patience Ozokwuo's movie character's descendant. The ones that make you question your sanity. You know them! We all get them once in a while... Heaven knows, I've wished many a teacher death by arson. But its okay. They're inevitable. Its not what the voices in your head tell you, its how you react to them. Its how fast you can snap out of these thoughts. Its whether or not you're letting these thoughts be a motivation or an evil light-bulb. Even the bible says in the book of *insert bible verse here* that *insert bible quotation here.* So there! I hope I have touched your life and proved beyond every reasonable doubt that mojo-jojo is not the only force of darkness in the world.
P.S. If you "k" this write-up, you'll have a threesome with Amadioha and Sango.


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