Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Bestfriend and the lover by @Ranigisele

I hit my leg against a stone, big deal! I ran into an old school mate and settled into lunch. I finally got that recipe right and acquired the taste of what a good time should be. Eventually my good day turned into a frown. Not like the elephant trod on the grass again (it literally does that every day)

It suddenly became dark, and the window let in the cold of the night. I tossed and turned in bed because I couldn't sleep. Would I call it pain? Where did it come from? Why won't it go away? I reached out but couldn't hear or feel anything. Practically dead silence and just when I thought to give it all up. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

It was a gentle tap and then a spurn. I couldn't make out anything in the darkness but I could feel a presence. I could feel a warm embrace as it wrapped around me. A sigh of relief I must say. My heartbeat had dropped to normal as I felt myself been lifted from the bed unto the sofa and slowly, the gentle stroking of my hair and caress. My clothes fell to the ground one at a time. Suddenly, the touches felt like icicles and the kisses like an avalanche. Had I let my guards down? Could this lure of thrust be the medication to my constant gloom. Another dead silent moment. Contemplation set in, at this juncture, I knew I had to make a choice or . . . So! I screamed.
I opened my eyes and there was a faint light. I grabbed what I could find and walked towards the direction and then I felt a touch on my shoulder ...

It was familiar but unusual. It was warm, welcoming but fear took over again and I tried to run away because I wasn't sure what it was coming with this time. But . . . this touch was firm, I couldn't move an inch. I strain to make out something in the faint light but all I could feel was a lead and I felt my feet take a step and then a slow walk. It ended in the bath tub.
Dipped in warm water, I felt all my troubles washed away, I felt new again . . a lead again. I landed softly on my bed. I closed my eyes tightly, I was scared the feeling will over take me against and wanted to jump out when I felt a restraint. A gently pull back under the covers. A gentle kiss on my further that said everything will be fine and you don't have to be scared anymore; I'll never leave you.
Then the lights came on, I looked around and saw no one. I searched everywhere and found no one. On returning to my bed, I hit my leg against the post *Ouch* I yelled and sat on the bed to massage my toe and suddenly, the light flickered and I smiled.
I knew I wasn't ever going to be alone anymore.

To be continued...