Monday, 9 April 2012

Euthanasia... by @Cece_Wilma

So i jumped at the oppoturnity to post on a blog and without giving it second thought, I went for it not caring if I had something reasonable to share or not. but hey, I'm gonna give it a shot and of Course I have to be encouraged considering the fact that I'm just a novice.
I am torn between between writing about the moral justification of Euthanasia & Abortion and what the church says about these two. but at the same time, I am strongly drawn to write about the various effects that broken homes/marriages have on the family, children, couple and the society as a whole. pardon my choice of topics because this is actualy my field of study *Morality And Ethics* (Religion And Philosophy). Besides we already have too many people writing about life, love, bla bla and bla so a little drift wont hurt I guess.

Euthanasia which is synonymous with mercy killing as defined in the dictionary is the practice ( illegal in most countries) of killing without pain a person who is suffering from a disease that can not be cured. this has remained a debate over the years as to whether it is morally and legally justifiable to kill a person because he/she has been ill for too long. people however, have different opinions but till date, the church has termed it (euthanasia) as being inherently wrong (and sinful) and should never be considered, whatever the case maybe saying that man has no power/authority over life. well that is the church, if put to you, what will your opinion about mercy killing be? do not jump into conclusion yet, let's look at one or two instances.

Assuming you have your aged grand-mother who's been ill for over 9months, on a respirator and you have to pay medical bills just to keep her alive (and she's probably too old and wouldn't live so long if healthy anyway) and you have your parents to support financially, you have kids who are in school, a wife who doesn't have a well paying job, you have bills and house rent to pay *oh dear, those responsibilities* what would you do? continue spending so much on her medical bills till she dies? find alternative means to get financial assistance to keep her on the respirator till she dies a natural death? don't be hasty in your decisions.

How about a couple that has a crippled child who always fall sick and spend months in the hospital receiving treatment that costs a fortune but still amounts to nothing when at home? should such a couple allow their child die since all they do is spend money and resources on a child that has been pronounced useless by the doctors?

In trying to decide if our choice of action in both situations is morally right and justifiable, we must bear in mind that both the grand-mother and child have a right to live. the Doctors sure have a role to play as they are supposed to offer alternatives in such situations and whether the government has legalised euthanasia is still to be considered because legalizing euthanasia cause death and dying to lose the moral context within which they must be viewed.

Errmmm i think this is enough for now and i hope i get another opportunity to write briefly on the morality of abortion and the effects of broken marriages/ homes on the family, children, couple and society at large.



  1. Brilliant post. I like to look at the subject of euthanasia from a psychological view. Some people lack the ability to watch others suffer and might pull the plug and think of it as an act of mercy while some won't do it out of the selfish reason that they won't be able to live with themselves afterwards but won't mind if another person does pull the plug for them. I'm neither for nor against euthanasia, I just feel when faced with such situations, do the best you can and apply wisdom where necessary.

  2. Truth be told, experience has also shown me that I need not make decisions that will generally affect the rest of my life today but rather those that are for the moment! With that being said, I can't say what I'll do at that moment until I'm faced with it, all I know is I will do the right thing that is meant to be done + considering alotta people in situations as those willingly consent to euthanasia! My religious belief won't allow that but...for theoretical purpose, ethics/morales loose their sting in some real-life scenarios: those are such instances as when "the accepted right" supersedes "the right" thing to do. -Z

  3. Hmmmmmm.....nice work and very thought-provoking I would say. Well, we all have our different opinion and right to would definitely be boring if we all think and act alike. But its important to understand that LIFE, or LIVING, or EXISTENCE or DEATH is a subject you can't discuss without bringing "conscience" into it. I find it hard to believe that an average human would feel a sense of justification after such act of "mercy". Clearly, its not the same as administering "panadol" to a patient with a headache. This is about life! I'm not comfortable with the idea of deliberatly taking a life, for whatever reason. If you justify "mercy killing" for the above mentioned reasons, then you might as well justify SUICIDE for a similar reasons!