Thursday, 5 April 2012

MEN LIE, MEN CHEAT ... DONT WE ALL??? by @Mofeaketi

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned... when a woman’s fed up there is nothing you can do about it... what if a woman.... if I were a boy... and the list goes on and on and on(yawwnnnnnn)! So what hath fury like a scorned man? And what happens when a man’s fed up? We all talk about “what women want”, do we even think about “what men want ”.

I am not a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist neither am I a “MAN-VOCATE”, or a woman basher, just a realist sitting on either side of the fence. We all point fingers on cheating and lying men and do the same exact thing while we r trapped in the closet and no one’s watching. They say you may never find out if your wife, girlfriend or fiancée cheats on you, and that’s the honest truth you may actually never find out. It’s almost impossible to see a woman who doesn’t have a deep dark secret between herself and another man, and you may never know in your entire lifetime. Don’t bother interrogating your wife’s, girlfriends and fiancée’s right after reading this article, you still wouldn’t know.

This doesn’t let you MEN of the hook, all yea “cheating-is –our-birthright” attitude. NO! Its not, you cheat because you want to not because you have to. It’s a choice not a death sentence......YES we all know you are attracted to the physical but the saying “all that glitters isn’t gold” wasn’t coined for the fun of it. We all just have to be involved for all the right reasons and not get thrown off guard by this crazy-fun-mad-world. Am not saying go beneath your “standard”, unfortunately we live in a classed-society and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a standard. If you usually date men with nice cars, fancy clothes and all the works, fine.....go for it and don’t come back complaining that “he’s not treating you right”. All he most likely has at the back of his mind is “this blood-sucker” which is totally wrong but yea what the hell, you weren’t with him while he struggled to get to the top in the first place. Guys if pretty faces, huge behinds and enormous mammary’s(thick as a milk-shake) is what sparks your interest, go ahead and don’t come back saying “some dude tried to chat my girl up in the club”. Of course they would!! They are seeing the same thing you saw in the first place.

True they make us emotionally drenched; true the men just know how to treat us right, true men just don’t know what women want. Honestly, WOMEN don’t even know what they want. We are so insatiable it’s pathetic. We should be called the “insatiable lots” and probably make a Nollywood movie out of it, staring Kate Henshaw, Omotola Jalade, Geneivive Nnaji and Stella Damasus.
All this things and a lot more might be true but have we ever thought to ourselves that somewhere along the line we might be the cause of most of our relationship or marital issues. Most people go into relationships for all the wrong reasons. If we just take one second to breathe and close your eyes for a couple of minutes it would be all fine. If we just try to be satisfied with whatever we are given and not go on an quest for MR or MRS FLAWLESS and be content with our MR or MRS FLAWS AND ALL we would all live happily ever after. Argue, fight(not physical), make your views known , disagree to agree, reach a compromise, give and take/take and give, live in harmony, be at peace at all times, don’t go to bed mad you might have wrinkles the next morning and require Botox at 35!
No one is perfect and no one would ever be, so learn to accept people for who they are, no two persons are ever the same no matter how alike, even Siamese twins have traits peculiar to each of them. Treat every individual differently, quit the unnecessary comparison, quit the nagging, men cheat and lie, so do we, quit pointing fingers and LIVE LIFE! And I am still just sitting on either side of the fence.
Inhale and Exhale……


  1. Toh! Men lie, men cheat, so do women. We r even!!!