Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nostalgia..... by Fiona Amuzie ( @Kwinfiona )


Nostalgia, the feeling, the thoughts, the memories, momentous,
The images; some vivid, others blur. . .
Some resurface more often than others
Some hazed by our denial
Some memories may even lie forgotten underneath other thoughts and memories but there are those that are just there,
like some sort of constant in our heads and lives.

They remain there from the inception and linger on.
They either hunt us with our past mistakes or they put that smile upon our lips.
The moments where we wished time would come to a brief stop;
a pause maybe.

The memories we wish we could re-live,
all in the past but still as fresh and clear as the sunrise.

The moments we spend with those whom we love.
The moments wHere we renew our vows.
The moments which felt like our sudden utopia, all but . . .


By Fiona Amuzie
Courtesy leonardo davinci...