Thursday, 12 April 2012

Of writing, gadgets, the beginning of the end and other cool stories by @CeceNostockings

First off, I'm a writer. Yes! A pretty amazing one at that (I've been told). Every time someone goes "My goodness, you write so well!" (Or something like that) I blush for at least 2 minutes before filing the memory away in one cabinet or the other because, sadly, my mind is as organised as catastrophe. So, yeah. I'm an awesome writer. My dust-covered blogs can attest to that. Yes, blogS. I have two. Started one early last year because I missed the joy of writing. I stopped writing in secondary school because teachers kept trying to enter me in competitions and stuff and I was "Na mhen.", so I figured a blog would help me get back to what I love(d?) doing. Everything was going all fine and peachy, and then *insert car crash sound effect of your choice*.

I'm not going to say I was going through mid-life crisis before someone will email me a slap. But I went through hell. For a while, it didn't seem like I was passing through. More like I'd stupidly decided to go there on vacation and chillax. Anyhu, I pulled through (yay!) but my blog suffered. I thought I'd lost the passion for writing. Overwhelmed with helplessness, I did what every blogger does when face with that dreadful block. I embarked on the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Don't worry. I didn't finish. I just panicked and opened another blog. And now, here I am again.

See, the second blog was supposed to be strictly fiction. The idea came to me in a trance, and I'd written out the forst ten chapters in a flurry. Typed it all out on my phone like a bawsette. So, I opened the blog and started putting the chapters up week after week. And then my phone got stolen. I won't even tell you how it happened. All you need to know is I went into a kind of shock for about three days until I got a new phone. And now, I'm struggling with my new blog as well (feel free to pity me).

The whole stolen phone ordeal almost destroyed me. You see, the criminals didn't just steal my phone. They cleared out all the gadgets in the house. Two laptops, a tablet, and about five phones. Don't you wonder what it is that would make a person want to steal someone else's gadgets? What is it? Me, I'm not techno savvy at all, so I've never really gotten it. Sure, I like pretty stuff. I got my first blackberry simply because it was blue. I've once bought a laptop because it was pink and could fit in my handbag. When I'm out shopping for phones and stuff, I'm not thinking *insert whatever serious tech people think here*. I walk into a store and price all the cute things I see until I can afford one. So, yeah. I like cute stuff. But I wouldn't go out of my way to steal one.

Except if maybe I got really drunk and was dared. Then I'd probably maybe do it. Maybe. I have a massive keloid on my left ear and a budding one on my right because of a stupid dare, so yeah. Who knows? But I quit drinking. I did. I'm now strictly a social drinker. I knew I was finished when a friend saw me and said "Coco, no drink today?". I sat down and thought about my life for a full five seconds. It was then I decided to turn my life around. So, yay! No more booze. I encourage you to quit too. Alcohol is bad, you know? Trust me. You don't want have to have to wake up on a tree branch one morning and have to put the fragments of memories from the night before together while you walk home alone in nothing but an oversized shirt and boxers.

But do you know what's more painful than an inexplicable bruised rib after a night out you can't remember? Owning a HTC HD7 for about five seconds before it's snatched out of your hands while you stand there, mouth agape, eyes shining brighter than halogen bulbs, and helpless. I may not be all lovey dovey with tech stuff, but it was a new phone, and it was gift from someone really close to me, and it can pain. It's even more painful when you carry that anger and buy expensive shoes for your baby only to get home and realise they aren't her size.

Sha, we can only thank God for small joys. Like your daughter waking up in the middle of the night (after hogging half the bed and pushing you into a corner) and seeking out your chest to rest her head. Or that really adorable voice note a friend sends you that just makes you smile. Or spending an amzing day with people who really care about you. Or that one person that stays up late with you until you feel better. Or Ribena. Or maltesers. Or chocolate cake. Cake... Yup. For me, it's the minute things people hardly notice that give me joy. That and attention. Lots of it. But that's all for another day.

Peace, Love, & Ribena (‾⌣‾)♉

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  1. Awwwww. I still love u Cece. One day I will take off my shy veil and tell u face to face.