Monday, 30 July 2012

My Mai-Guard Diaries (Lost)

Friday: I had a good day.

Saturday: I planned to cycle to work until I discovered I had a flat tyre. I had a funny day.

Sunday: I planned to walk to work. I did. After 7 minutes, I realized I forgot my glasses at home so I had to turn back, get my glasses and use a taxi to work.

Monday: I planned to use the bus to work. My alarm forgot to ring.I'm sure I didn't oversleep. I had to call a taxi. He answered me, went back to bed and made me almost late...

Go back to Wednesday:

Black and Jamaican bus drivers are people you don't want to mess with; they are always angry. Well, almost always. The black driver in my town seemed to be always mad at me and he didn't need to say a word, he just had that f**k off look whenever he saw me, like we were fighting for the hood throne. I remember one morning I had to be at work for 6 am, dude decided to stop the bus and smoke a cigarette (because I was the only one on the bus). I felt he wanted me to start a fight or maybe a conversation... two things I can't be bothered with at 5:35am.

On Wednesday, the black driver drove the 1 o'clock bus. That day, he said hello twice and asked me what I was listening to (because I had my headphones on). I told him it was some random Gospel music and he went on to have a long chat about how the Nigerians in his church always "did the most". They pray and sing louder than everyone in his church. We had a long and nice conversation. He went on till he made me miss my stop. He told me I just had to walk down the road and I'll find the post office. I walked and walked and walked with foolish confidence until I discovered I was lost (As usual). In my defence, the 3 streets looked the same.

I learnt some lessons last week.

I had every reason to have a bad week but I didn't let that happen, I saw it as an experience. I also learnt that most times we feel some people are snobs even before we reach out to them but in reality, we are the snobs. I still don't believe I have to say hey to the next man just because he is my "colour". Ultimately I realised that it doesn't hurt to say hey either. Most times I'm lost in a world of what I believe is appropriate but I learn everyday. We all do, if and when we want. Bla bla bla...

Think good thoughts....

Randomly Yours
July 2012

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