Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Aunty's House

There's always that one family, that comes to visit on Sundays to reduce our ration of "Sunday rice". Yes, well, I did not like those Sunday visitors, can't they see the sun? They should stay in their house na... Well, I just realized that my elder brother and my dad were guilty of this (unknowingly).

Frequent visitors to Aunty's house. The cool part is that Aunty didn't mind. She loved cooking, or let's say they loved cooking in that house. She was an aunt and a guardian to our dad when he was a student at the University of Jos, Nigeria. She did the same thing for my brother, even though they were not just Sunday visitors, her house was a home to everyone.

It is no surprise that Aunty's children are brilliant cooks, her son included. I've always said, don't let Oche cook for your girlfriend or else you will come to his house and find her there one day. I guess it runs in the family. These are some of the memories I have about Aunty's house.

In May 2011, My dad came to visit me in Wales and made sure we went to Manchester to see his Aunty. That journey ehn! If not that it was Aunty's house and the fact that I knew I would go and enjoy good food, I'd have found a reason not to go. I also needed to tease Oche and make him jealous when she cooked for us.

As usual Aunty saw me and asked "Is this Eddie or Andy?", she welcomed us and went straight to the kitchen. I won't go into details about the food but it was very "Ghen geun". We watched Manchester United play Manchester City or was it Chelsea(?) I can't remember. I remember she loves Manchester United, my dad loves Arsenal. They spent good time talking about how Chelsea fans are touts and why they think it is weird that I am a Chelsea fan.

With two parents in one room, Andy sitting down, pretending to concentrate on what was showing on TV, it wasn't long before they drifted into marriage gist. They analyzed all her children and their partners, discussed about my brother and then came back to me. She said "Andy why are you not saying any thing? What do you think about all we have said?"...

I had a really nice time.

That was the last time I saw Aunty, we had devotion and prayed in the morning. I promised to come back and visit her. In August 2011, Oche called me to tell me Aunty just passed on...
The entire time we were at her house, Aunty was ill but she hid it well and was very positive. Its been one year now and I'm glad I went to Manchester, I'm glad she was always there for us. We miss Aunty, we celebrate her...

I'll always remember Aunty's house, she's forever in our hearts. I know she's in heaven cooking up a storm as usual.

Randomly Yours,
That Andy
August 2012


  1. Awwwwwwwww! Wat a solemn piece...May Her lovely soul and the beautiful soul of my daddy rest in perfect peace.As much as I miss Him dearly, I can't help but thank God for seeing my family and I through. The Lord has been more than faithful. May His mighty Name be praised.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your aunt, May her beautiful soul RIP. Amen

  3. Awww so touchy.. I'm sure she's resting with our Lord and cooking up a storm as Andy rightly said.:-):-)

    I guess am the only one Oche hasn't cooked for :-(..

  4. I'm sure this would make her smile :) may her soul rest in peace.