Friday, 18 October 2013

Pretentious life of a" G"

You can't show weakness, you can't be complaining while she complains, you can't let anyone know about it... Any guy who likes Drake's songs is a 'sissy'. You are forbidden to talk about some songs because they are too soft. Real men don't drink Fanta... The list is inexhaustible. It is even worse when you hear things a girl is not allowed to do, say, wear, act, eat, etc;all in a bid to be accepted by the society. Fitting into socially correct perspectives just have a perfect way of making us blend in; ironically blending into the same society where you are not allowed to be basic. You have to be different, unique, special and back to the same old circle.

You cannot talk to anyone about things that bother you either because they will judge you, lie to you or confuse you. You can't write about it because it would mean you are taking shots at someone thus making you petty and silly. Don't even mention social media; your mates are busy trying to be deep, funny or cool, who are you to say what's really on your mind without coming off as weak? Some are family oriented and love family but the problem with family is that they may support you too much to the point where they take decisions that are long lasting for you even when you've let go and moved on from that issue. So you decide to bottle it up.

Lately there's always one story or the other about a child who was bullied on the internet till they hurt or killed themselves. Some on the other hand realised that they had to prove that they are the real "Gs" and they take a gun to a public place and randomly go off killing people...I don't know how this fits into my rambling but I think there may be a connection somewhere between the song I'm listening to and the cold plate of rice I should have eaten 20 minutes ago... Aha! I remember, we all have shit we are going through and we all handle them differently but how long would you handle it pretentiously (like a G)?

How do you let off steam? How do you handle your problems? Who do you talk to? Who are you when you drop your gadgets? The social psychology concept of the "looking glass self" would like to tell you that you are who the society sees you to be. Therefore if people keep saying you're beautiful or ugly, you may start seeing yourself that way and it would have an impact on everything you do. Motivational speakers and life coaches will want you to believe that if you tell yourself positive things about yourself, you may believe it and it would boost your confidence and productivity.

People will still be assholes till the end of time.People will still make fun of you. You will never be enough for some but it can only make you better or bring out a darker side of you. Truth is, we all need to find a way of letting things out. Some tweet, some talk to people, some fight, some hurt themselves, some eat, some work out, some write and some people just have that one person willing to listen to anything and say you will be fine and mean it. I think I listen to music or think of new businesses and write, then still go back to think about what I am running away from but hey, no one has to know because I AM A G. Right?

Who are you?

Randomly yours
That Andy
October 2013


  1. Nice one....I let things go by writing and sleeping with loud music and saying a prayer.

  2. So I'm not much of a reader of people's blogs but this is a nice piece and I think everyone can relate to it.