Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lasgidi Diaries (of Cold showers)

Have you ever had the shower go cold on you? From nice warm water to chilled scream-like-a-girl-cold-water? Sometimes life is that cold shower. For some reason I find myself in Lagos almost every other week lately, so I've decided to chronicle the madness.

Exactly a month ago, I was in Lagos for work, on the famous third mainland bridge, going to the airport in some fancy hired taxi driving at 160mph when I heard a huge bang. My first thought: "Drive by? My political enemies have sent people to kill me!" Ok I kid... I thought,"Hmmm I'm in Lagos, so it may be a stray bullet or actual thieves trying to steal the car". Second thought: "Did we just have a flat tyre? Ah,so this is how I will stand on this bridge with them changing tyres and all the people I know in Lagos will see me stranded on the bridge... I didn't ask myself if this was how I was going to die, if the driver steps on the brakes and car flips over the bridge and into the ocean just like the family that drowned about two weeks ago.

For once, I didn't have the chance to give my life to Christ 28 times in one hour like I always do whenever I have to fly on a plane in Nigeria. It was just another instance of life switching the shower from hot to cold on me. Ever notice how when people fall down, they instinctively look around to see who saw them fall? The ease at which priority changes in the event of a mishap... I don't think I've even told anyone in my family how I would have been food for the fishes just some weeks ago if the near-accident had been fatal. Simply because I didn't want my mother to go on a one week fast when next she hears I'm travelling to Lagos for work.

Silly as it seems, I actually believe the prayers of our parents keep us from some unforeseen harm that may come our way; especially when you consider how far from God we get these days. Besides, I will find any excuse to go to Lagos just because I know I will get to eat well prepared "Asun" in the Buka' abi Mama-Put (Cafeteria) I discovered close to were I was lodged. My "cold shower moments" always have this impact on me where I revisit my life and pick one thing in my life I need to fix or do better.

Truth is, in a moment where I felt I would have died, I realized that all I kept thinking about wasn't life after death or heaven and hell, but people I've stopped talking to for senseless reasons. I realize how much I fear malice and the need to be at peace with everybody, not necessarily as friends, but in your mind. I don't know what this is about but we actually had our tyre explode while driving that day and thankfully nothing bad happened

To some people this may be nothing but it just reminded me of these three; the 'poshest' car can still get knocked off by non-mechanical or electrical faults, a perfect life or day can still get ruined by unforeseen circumstances and finally never get too comfortable with life .When you feel everything is just alright, the shower goes from warm to cold or cold to hot.

I think I should say life is like PHCN.Just when you've found the right TV show, drink by your side and food to munch on, Boom! PHCN strikes and there goes your chilled out evening. Always have a plan B or a spare tyre I guess. Always find a reason to be thankful; some people have it worse than you.

Randomly yours,
That Andy